21st Century Teaching & Learning at Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School

The 2016 school year has been off to a great start, as I was invited to observe and experience 21st Century teaching and learning at Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School, in Milton.

My visit to the globally recognized Microsoft Showcase School was highly interactive and engaging. I was able to witness the collaborative learning environment, empowered by the use of technology in each of the classrooms I visited:

  • Grade 2 students, taught by Microsoft Innovative Educator, Ms. Dorland demonstrated their technical proficiency using Microsoft programs and in their ‘mystery Skype chat’ with a classroom across the globe.
  • Mrs. Walker’s Grade 6 class engaged in a thought-provoking, educational exercise for Social Studies. Students participated on an online Padlet program, by answering the inquiry question, “what are the different reasons why people came to Canada?”
  • Grade 3 students in Ms. Dennie’s class came together in smaller groups to solve math problems and learn how to navigate through the class notebook using the OneNote program.
  • Ms. Bakun and Ms. Lamers encouraged Kindergarten students to research animals on a web-based platform called PebbleGo.
  • Ms. Terra-Allen’s Grade 8 students, with the guidance and support by Ms. Hunter were able to participate in a ‘makerspace’ inquiry activity, where students were able to build structures using online research.

Thank you to the wonderful students and staff at Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School for a fun-filled, educational day of learning. I am confident that the technological abilities in our schools, along with the support of staff will allow students to reach their full God-given potential!