Walk with Jesus

On Thursday, May 7, 2015, schools across the Board participated in the 6th annual Walk with Jesus event, an annual system faith day experience offered to our students, staff, and parents during Catholic Education Week.

Over 1200 students walked en masse to Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School in Burlington, carrying their school banners and school crosses as a powerful symbol of their faith and solidarity. The initiative raised funds to support local, national and international charitable endeavours.


Students, staff and members of the community actively engaged on social media, as participants shared their photos and experiences on Twitter using the hashtag: #HCWWJ


Total Reach (Impressions) – refers to the number of times tweets using the hashtag: #HCWWJ were loaded on a page/an estimate of the number of people reached.

The event served as an opportunity to incorporate 21st Century Learning as students used technology kiosks to communicate virtually about their faith experience to students and staff from their home schools.