Student Achievement

“All assessment is a perpetual work in progress.”
– L. Suskie

Halton Catholic Students Continue to Excel in EQAO Testing

As we continue to strengthen our Assessment and Instruction, EQAO scores are one form of measurement that demonstrates the success of our students. The overall results in our 2014-2015 EQAO results indicate that the Halton Catholic District School Board continues to excel in student achievement, in comparison to the provincial standard.

Primary Division (Grades 1-3)
Average of Reading, Writing and MathematicsDAR-EQAO-Primary-Division

Junior Division (Grades 4-6)
Average of Reading, Writing and Mathematics DAR-EQAO-Junior-Division

Grade 9 Assessment of Academic MathematicsDAR-EQAO-Gr9-Academic

Grade 9 Assessment of Applied MathematicsDAR-EQAO-Gr9-Applied